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WARNING: Boring or Lame PowerPoint®
Videos Can CRUSH You!

What’s The Problem?

Quick question for you:
How would you describe the last video you watched? Interesting? Engaging? Or... just plain BORING?

Your videos are not going to be very effective if your viewers have to prop open their eyelids to make it to the end. You need to grab and hold their attention in order to influence (i.e. marketing videos) or teach (i.e. video tutorials).

Training Designers, Internet Product Developers, and even Educators are spending time learning to create content for great tutorials and awesome marketing copy for their videos, but focus very little on the second half of the development process:

Good Design!

Ugly and ineffective design results in videos that actually HURT you more than help you and will have your viewers looking ELSEWHERE for what they want...

So, What's The Solution?

Most content developers think that interesting content has to involve expensive media and programming, but there is a better tool you can use to make your content interesting. And you probably already own it...

It's PowerPoint®!

Sure, you could spend hundreds of dollars and months of time using a fancy program like Photoshop or many of the countless other tools on the market but WHY would you when everything you need to make beautiful titles, topic slides and animated intros is right at your fingertips?

Many people, over the course of their professional careers, have created at least one presentation with PowerPoint and just being familiar with all the other Microsoft tools means that you will also be familiar with the PowerPoint interface.

Just learning how to create your own title screens, themes and animations in this powerful tool will, not only save you thousands of dollars by not paying someone else to do it, but you'll save weeks of time — by finishing it today — and your finished video will be much more interesting and visually engaging.

So, with that said, we'd like to show you what we've got for you....

The PowerPoint For Video
Tutorial Series

Top Tips For Great Looking Presentations
Step-By-Step Instructions and demos you can follow
Questions from other viewers just like you - answered!
Top Resources to get results FAST!

And much more...

Here's A Sample:

Nobody else delivers this kind of practical, easy-to-use, completely explained, time & frustration saving information...

The PowerPoint For Video Tutorials are a 4 hour series of webinar recordings where Lon Naylor & Michelle Schoen demonstrate real world examples of how to use just the PowerPoint features you need go get amazing results.

If you want to start making better video presentations using the excellent tools built into PowerPoint AND... leverage that content into kick-butt Camtasia videos... then:


Here's Exactly What You'll Learn During These Recorded Sessions

  • How to work with: layout, type, image, color, and mood, seeing real-world examples of before and after. You’ll learn the action steps you can apply to your own videos.
  • How to use Websites color schemes and themes to create the perfect template for your video
  • Creating snazzy Lower Thirds like the video pros in the TV stations
  • Grabbing images from your desktop without using additional pricey tools
  • An easy way to manage all your images and stock photos so you never have to waste time looking for that perfect photo

  • Practice the pillars of visual design to improve any PowerPoint presentation & learn the tricks that persuade viewers to buy and learners to pay attention
  • Adding videos inside your PowerPoint
  • Layout techniques for designing around content, rather than forcing content into restrictive layouts
  • Image effects, treatments, and techniques for enhancing designs and aligning visual voice to learning voice
  • Color tools used by professional designers, and how to interpret and apply the schemes
  • Using beautiful fonts and text styles as a graphic design element

  • Typography basics for creating emphasis, contrast, and focus using visual style guides
  • How to move learners from an “I-can-tune-out” to a “I-wonder-what’s-next” mind-set
  • How to use PowerPoint to grab the viewers' attention and run with it
  • How to make video learning content more memorable and more likely to be remembered
  • Learn the secrets to undercover tips for eye popping animation
  • The easiest way of all to remove and recolor backgrounds to get just the parts you need for your slides

  • Creating easy storyboards using PowerPoint's slide sorter
  • How to make fun navigation buttons to make your Camtasia videos more interactive and engaging
  • Making PowerPoint your blank canvas instead of using boring bullet points
  • Why using master slides and layouts will save you hours of time when creating training courses
  • Creating your own templates to reuse your company's colors and logo and sharing those templates with your team


We’ve updated the course and brought you some all new tutorials, templates and tools.

New in Tutorials:

  • Setting Up Your PowerPoint Slide Size for Video
  • The Ultimate PowerPoint Recording Technique
  • Extra “Ultimate Recording” Tip: Timing Animations
  • How to Use Simplicity in your PPT Videos
  • Getting Started with Business Videos
  • Training Course Tip: Creating the Perfect Ending
  • Adding Custom Sketches to your Videos

New in Templates:

Quick Effects Toolkit 1
A few of our favorite animation effects all pre-configured that you can use in any PowerPoint video project:

“Paper Cut-outs” Tutorial & Template
A fun graphics effect to add some spice to flat, static images in your PowerPoint videos

Intro/Outro Brackets Template
A nice little quick, CLEAN, animation template for an “Intro” and/or “Outro” slide

Color Coordinated “Pop” and “Push List” Template
Ripping off the top Marketing Gurus - The “Push List Effects” Template from Andy Jenkins

New in Tools:

The PowerPoint software itself is certainly a nice video creation tool but…when it comes to making great videos quickly and easily: You’re gonna want some stuff!

By that we mean: “Assets” like Graphics, Fonts, Resources, etc. and also more intangible things like ideas, strategies, tactics and trends.

  • PresenterMedia
  • Free Graphics
  • Recommended Resources Guide
  • Idea Factory

But, hold on... for a limited time we are also adding this valuable Bonus!

100 3D Male Figures

  • Transparent PNG files will look great on any color background
  • Drag ‘n’ Drop EASY into any software
  • Build your Graphics Library quickly
  • Create Camtasia videos like the pros!

Scroll through this incredible collection which is all yours as a special bonus!


What Do Some of
Our Past Students
Have to Say?

We specialize in "customer delight". Here are some comments from the objects of our affection! ;-)

Click to watch Michael's testimonial

"I Have No Hesitation in
Recommending This Course."

These tips were great! I attended your free webinar where Lon went over some of these, and they were exactly what I’d been looking for. I implemented them immediately and had excellent results in my videos. I have been doing a lot of PowerPoint videos for one of my clients and it’s just made the resulting videos that much better. I have since invested in a professional podcasting microphone which has also enhanced the recordings, but the tips that you and Lon shared in this course were invaluable, as always. Thanks again!

Donna Arnlund

"I Love, Love, Love the Series You're Doing on PowerPoint Videos."

I've been truly enjoying your webinars about how to ramp up on Camtasia. In particular, I love, love, love the series you're doing on PowerPoint For Video. I've been using the software for years. In just 2 short months, I've improved by leaps and bounds. Love your freebie templates. You make me look good with my clients and associates. I'm really just getting started using the wealth of material that you have on your site. At first, a lot of it felt like it was over my head. But I know that if I persist, and continue enjoying your very entertaining Q&A webinars, I'll be whipping up some awesome movies in no time.

Lina - Stress/Pain Expert
Energywork Unlimited

"You Will Not Be Disappointed!"

You know I love video. I typically shoot video of myself using a camera, but here is another way to do it. And this is a way that's intimidated me in the past but because of Lon and Michelle, my friends, this has become so much easier. I am not a technical early adopter. Some might say I am a late adapter but when I see good examples and when I know rock stars like Lon and Michelle that make this just so simple, I can't help but get on board. I want you purchase this course to see how to do your own PowerPoint for screencasting videos for sales presentations, for content, for squeeze pages. You will not be disappointed. Michelle and Lon I trust whole heartedly will give you great, great content.

Carrie Wilkerson

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